The Baby Registry Must-Have Bassinet that I Missed



These past 4 months have been quite busy for us as a family. We’ve been trucking back and forth between the DMV and Houston each month. The thought alone of getting through TSA with two babies is enough to make me stop and take a breather. *DEEP BREATH*

Once we’ve finally arrived at our destination, whether it be within the comfort of a family member’s home or a nice hotel room, our sleeping arrangement becomes the next most dramatic event of the day. Where to put Bigger Baby  down for bedtime? Where to put the Babbiest Baby down for bedtime? Will we actually be able to catch any Z’s at all after this long day of traveling? The drama continues….. 

It wasn’t until I came across this Ingenuity Wood FoldAway Rocking Bassinet Classic – Wallace that our bed-time woes while on-the-go were finally resolved!

One of the greatest advantages of having two baby girls within the past two years has been the ability to hand down all things from big sister to little sister with ease. Layla (older sister) received every single gift, plus more, from her baby registry. All three of the fold-up, and supposedly, easy to transport bassinets that were gifted to her ended up not being so portable after all and extremely too bulky to even consider catching flights with. Ingenuity really got it right with this FoldAway Rocking Bassinet Classic – Wallace for naptime or nighttime with features including :

  • Weight maximum of 15 lbs 
  • Keeps baby comfortable with the portable and modern design of the FoldAway Rocking Bassinet 
  • More airflow keeps baby more comfortable 
  • Rocking soothes baby; locks in place when asleep 
  • Portable design folds for easy transport and storage 
  • Spacious cradle for more comfortable sleep environment 
  • Beautiful and neutral design for boy or girl

The FoldAway Rocking Bassinet Classic- Wallace will definitely be a must-have for my next baby registry!

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