The Ultimate #GirlDad

I came across this photo randomly this morning while scrolling through the thousands of photos that never make it to the public eye. It stopped me dead in my tracks, mid-scroll, as my heart  proceeded to melt. I had to share it with my Instagram family !

My husband and my baby girls! Wow Lord, what did I do to deserve such a blessing?

The truth here is that my girls absolutely adore their father. Once he comes around anybody else in plain sight might as well be named Casper. And let me also share this, I LOVE IT! I love my daughters’ attachment to daddy because that means mommy gets to take a moment to relax from mothering a bit as they run him up, down, and around with all types of never-ending requests.

Photos like this are ones that I pray my baby girls will cherish as they age because Lord knows I would have loved to have such photos but more importantly this type of relationship with my own father.


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