Fade Dark Spots and Brighten Skin with Palmer’s – My 14-Day Journey

I posted an IG Reel in partnership with Palmer’s, check it out! 

Since childhood I’ve experienced problems with my skin. Eczema, discoloration, cystic acne you name it, I’ve had it. In terms of treatment options I’ve tried topical ointments, birth control pills, changing my diet, and the “strongest” of them all, a closely supervised course of Accutane which required monthly check-ins and blood work. I’ve tried it all man!

Once I finally got my acne under control I was left with dark spots and discoloration from many years of scars from my breakouts. I’ve set out on yet another journey to fade these dark spots on my face – and that’s where Palmer’s came to my rescue.

For 14 days I used Palmer’s and tracked #MySkinSuccess to brighter and more radiant skin while using their Skin Success line from Walmart .The products I used consisted of the following :

  1. Skin Success Dark Spot Correcting Facial Cleanser
  2. Skin Success Fade Cream 
  3. Skin Success Fade Milk
  4. Skin Success Night Fade Cream 
  5. My Own Sunscreen by PCA Skin Because Texas Sun Hits Hard



Y’ALL! Do you see these results?

It’s to no surprise to me that Palmer’s would come through for me, per usual, with the results that I’ve been longing for.

I would absolutely recommend Palmer’s Skin Success line for any one of you looking to successfully fade dark spots on your face.

And let’s not forget about our elbows and knees, the parts of our bodies that are most prone to bruising and injury which also leads to, yup you guessed it, discoloration! Palmer’s Skin Success Fade Milk has got you covered!

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