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In this new normal of a global pandemic, a party of 50 has become a party of about 10 or less. Gone are the days when we can casually call our loved ones to join us in celebration of a birthday or other special occasion. As unfortunate as this may be, our current times have simultaneously taught us to enjoy every moment of life to the fullest because we just never know when it may be the last opportunity to do so. I am grateful to be working with Big Dot of Happiness who are allowing us to keep our birthday celebrations going in the most memorable way.

I must admit to you that party planning is by no means my strong suit. Planning weeks to months ahead of time, coordinating colors, coordinating candy tables, and coordinating decor is simply not my thing and I’ve finally reached the point where that realization has really hit home for me. With that being said I was still able to make Layla’s fourth birthday party a magnificent one this year thanks to Big Dot of Happiness. My oh my, talk about a game-changer and time-saver for us mamas!

Big Dot of Happiness’ passion is creating Goose Bump Moments and memories that will last a lifetime! The designer party collections make it easier for everyone to be a Party-Throwing Hero and that’s exactly who I was on July 30th, ok?! Big Dot has everything you need to celebrate an awesome kids birthday celebration and they make it incredibly easy, like almost too easy, to create unforgettable experiences for your birthday boy or girl. With dozens of unique themes, there’s sure to be something for your birthday star and for ours it was the Let’s Be Mermaids theme and we loved it!

Our package was equipped with the following :

  • Decor Swirls
  • Bunting Banner
  • Table Toppers
  • Gable Favor Boxes
  • Photo Props


I love that Big Dot of Happiness offers such a wide array of unique design themes for both boys and girls. I chose the Let’s Be Mermaids theme because I knew it would light Layla’s little heart up, and that was absolutely the case. It took me just about 2 hours to set up my Big Dot of Happiness props and as you can see I added a bit more to the decor with some beautiful balloons and a backdrop. I would’ve never imagined that I, little ol’ me, could pull off decorations for Layla’s birthday so beautifully and I’m deeply grateful for Big Dot of Happiness for assisting me in doing so.

As birthdays just come once a year, everyone deserves to celebrate a fantastic birthday party even if it is currently limited to a small number of friends and family. If you’re currently seeking a way to create memories that will last a lifetime I’d advise that you explore the many options that Big Dot of Happiness has to offer for your birthday boy or girl that you can be deemed a Party-Throwing Hero like I was! 

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