Books For Black Kids with Candlewick Press

Hey! Here you are! I take you want to hear more about the books I got from Candlewick Press?

#ad Yes! I did mention on my Instagram post which you can find at the beginning of this blog, that learning and understanding diversity is so important. And we’ve been teaching the girls all about it as best as we can but with the help of Candlewick Press it’s even easier. They’ve got a line of books on diversity that help our girls have a better understanding of exactly what mommy and daddy are talking about.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive right to it!

Book #1

TITLE: When We Say Black Lives Matter 

AUTHOR + ILLUSTRATOR: Maxine Beneba Clarke

Maxine Beneba Clarke presented a beautiful, inspiring, picture book from the Black Lives Matter motto. In this book, a narrator passionately expresses how strong and deep Black Lives Matter motto is, in school, in everyday life routine, how our ancestors fought for our civil liberties and how we’ve gone from a long way to a young Black child.

Book #2

TITLE: Mi Casa Is My Home

AUTHOR: Laurenne Sala

ILLUSTRATOR: Zara González Hoang

Author Laurenne sala and illustrator Zara González Hoang shares a bilingual (Spanglish) picture book about a loving, joyful extended family through Lucia where she’ll welcome you to her beautiful, tiny, eventful casa (home) and walk you through from la Puerta (the door), where her abuela (grandmother) waits for her parcels from Puerto Rico or Spain, to la cocina (the kitchen) where she watches her mom cook Spanish meals (arroces), to el patio (the porch) where she spends so much fun times with her cousinssssss (emphasis on sssss to represent her intergenerational cousins).

Book #3

TITLE: Africa, Amazing Africa (eBook)

AUTHOR: Atinuke


In Africa, Amazing Africa, the storyteller, Atinuke together with debut’s children’s book artist, Mouni Feddag, shares in so much details; colors and textures how diverse African continent is with fifty-five countries through a nonfiction guide to the people, plants, and animals. Explored by a Nigerian storyteller, the book is divided into five distinct sectors – South, East, West, Central, and North. In a very animated tone and pictures, this book is significant for classroom and social studies resource.

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