The Best Headband Wig for Black Women ( Discount Code Offered )

Y’all! I’m bout to change y’all’s lives with this the same way it has changed mine! Yup, I’m referring to my new headband wig and yup, it’s THAT serious! ( use code DR. MARIE to get 23% off )

One of my main focuses during this later half of 2021 has been curating a more simple lifestyle. I’m a woman who has may interests and who wears many hats. I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, doctor of physical therapy, content creator, plus more and with all these roles I need processes in place to improve my efficiency but look sis, I still wanna look kind of cute while I tackle all of these daily tasks, ya know?! So that’s where this Deep Wave Affordable Headband Wig by LuvMe Hair has come and just changed the game for me.

Twas’ the night before my Miami Birthday vacation, 6 hours before my flight to be exact, and I held my frontal lace wig in my hand pondering whether or not I’d be able to fully enjoy my vacation if I brought it along. If you’re reading this post then I know you feel me sis. These lace wigs are super cute but require super work too. The glueing, the nipping, and the tucking of the lace each and every day of vacay was the last thing I wanted to do while “relaxing”. I ran into my home office as soon as it hit me that I received a package from LuvMe with my wig selection in it. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect since I had never experienced a headband wig before but babyyyyyyyyy when I tell you this Deep Wave Affordable Headband Wig came just in time?! Like literally right on time to get me on track to have a great and relaxing vacation.

I tossed my frontal lace wig to the side so fast, swooped my baby hairs, shook my new headband wig up a little bit and I was ready to hit up the streets of Miami!

Since that day this wig has saved me so much time and as a mother that’s all I’m praying for these days. I celebrated my birthday in this thang, I workout with it, I go to church with it, go to work with it, and it’s even been the perfect fit for a HUGE collaboration campaign  I have with Pepsi!!

Me and My Deep Wave Affordable Headband Wig in Miami



Me and My Deep Wave Affordable Headband Wig WORKING OUT



Me and My Deep Wave Affordable Headband Wig WITH MY FAMILY

Me and My Deep Wave Affordable Headband Wig COLLABORATING WITH PEPSI

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