The Momference 2018 – Where Black Moms United [vlog]

PRAISE THE GOOD LORD that I was actually able to capture some of this event in vlog form. There would have been ABSOLUTELY no better way to express the mood that struck the lower conference halls of this Bethesda Hyatt from 7am to promptly 3pm on Saturday, May 19th, 2018. And yes, A MOOD IT WAS!

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Photo courtesy of Iris Mannings

To be quite honest, I was on the fence about investing in this conference in its inauguration. My thoughts were, “ehn, they might not have it together this year since it’s the first one. I’ll just wait until after they’ve trialed it out and garnered some feedback.”

TUH! Boy did they prove me wrong. It exceeded my expectations by far!

Although I did my best to record as much as I could, there truly is no video footage, there are no pictures, and there are quite frankly NO words that I can lend to you, for you to borrow some of the magic feel-goods that I experienced on this day. NONE!

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Photo courtesy of Iris Mannings

The Momference 2018 was a life-changing event for me as it rekindled my fire within to continue working towards my passions while juggling the balls of life as a black woman especially with quotes such as:

“Being a mom pushed me to do what I LOVE and to do it better.”

“If it’s meant to BE, it’s up to ME.”

“When you’re fully rounded you are a better mother and a greater example to your child(ren). Being my best self not only makes me a better mother but a partner to my mate as well.”

“As a mother, delegation is key.”

“Me time makes me a better mother.”

“It would light up a mother’s day for you to just reach out and let her know she’s doing an amazing job at mothering.”

“I always feel guilty when I have to travel for work.”


mothering while black in America, and there’s no turning back for me from here on out.


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2018 Keynote speakers Julee Wilson (Fashion & Beauty Director at Essence Magazine) and Kahlana Barfield (Instyle Magazine’s Fashion and Beauty Editor at Large) alongside Nikki and Simone (producers of the conference)

It is on this day during the conference that I realized the power in mothering while black in America, and there’s no turning back for me from here on out.

Sis! All I can tell you is ………you better dot your ‘i’s and cross your ‘t’s so you can come get you some #BLACKMOMMAGIC next year at the Momference 2019!

Kudos to the District Motherhued founders and their team of women for executing such greatness!

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Got to meet some of my favorite influencers! Dayna, Trina, and Vondra

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