Infantino Squeeze Station – Making On-The-Go Snacks Effortless

Summer 2018 officially begins in T minus 5 days  and this year baby girl and I are already booked to be ripping and running. From flights to cruise ships, whatever the means of transportation we will be on-the-go so this squeeze station by Infantino couldn’t have come at a better time.


Valued at just under $20 this product may have just solved ALL my concerns on how to be efficient while on-the-go with up to 4 oz. of purred snacks for baby girl in a nice, clean, and compact manner. This light-weight mechanism pretty much works exactly how it sounds by allowing me to easily squeeze Layla’s favorite puréed foods into storage pouches. These days she has a thing for anything, and I mean ANYTHING, with sweet potato in it. Thanks to this Squeeze Station, it’s going to be a sweet potato type of summer all summer 18′ for her!


Check out her all time favorite sweet potato recipe on GK Food Diary. Once again the Infantino brand  has offered a product that is affordable, safe, and one that we can actually get good use out.

Layla admiring the Squeeze Station Squeeze Pouches

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