Garden of Eden Baby Shower | Sierra Leonean Baby Shower + SHOCKING Gender Reveal [vlog]

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I couldn’t have asked for a better Garden of Eden themed baby shower! My family and friends truly showed UP and showed OUT!

This day, June 10th, 2017, was memorable not only because it marked the first day a stretch mark tore across my third trimester bump but more importantly because it marked a turning point during my pregnancy. It was on this very day that I felt the Lord’s comfort and assurance that all would be well for Baby Lahai and me. All I could feel in my spirit was the guarantee that, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11 and “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 1:6

Before I get into the details of how this baby shower was all pulled off and the resources for how you may be able to recreate the same beautiful experience, it’s important for me to give you a peek into the backstory of this blessing of an event.

Photo by eyeObee Photography

A baby shower was not something I foresaw taking place for myself. My mind was at its capacity with worries, fears, and the anxiety I carried throughout majority of my pregnancy. Whether it was due to the internal factors or external stressors that also persisted I was not in the happiest of places. So when it came around to planning a baby shower let’s just say if it weren’t for the persuasions of Layla’s now God-mother and one of my cousins there wouldn’t have been one. A baby shower? For me? Why? I’m having a baby out of wedlock? I’m ashamed and disgusted with myself to a certain degree, I’ve let me self down. And hell! Most people wont even know who the father is. THIS IS A MESS AND NOT WHAT I PLANNED FOR MY LIFE! But God.

The torment. The confusion. The depression.

Soon after realizing I was pregnant I became a leach, sucking up all the in-person time and comfort I could get out of my mother, my sisters, my spiritual mentor, my closest cousin and friends – God bless their souls! After-all, my partner should have been the one I channeled most of this energy towards but with us living thousands of miles apart, there was only but so much he could do on a consistent basis from down yonder. Indeed he tried his best.

Once I finally agreed on having the baby shower, we decided that we wouldn’t do it the typical Sierra Leonean culture way by having it in a large party hall but instead at home in the backyard with a few friends and family members that agreed to join. NEVER DID I EVER think there was potential for it to turn out so beautifully and that we would get to share the experience with over 37,000 people worldwide via YouTube! God is good!


I kept my receipts and did all the online research for you so that you can recreate your very own Garden of Eden baby shower.

All photos used throughout this blog post were taken by eyeObee Photography


Our intentions were to prepared for a party of about 100 people. We rented this 30×30 white-framed gazebo canopy tent, 100 white padded folding chairs, eight 8′ rectangular tables, and a wooden dance floor from a local DMV company named AAA party rentals and set up for about 60 people to sit comfortably.

Similar gazebo canopy tents can be purchased with these links

Similar white padded folding chairs can be purchased here

Similar 8′ rectangular tables can be purchased here


The white drapes on the outskirts of the canopy can be purchased here


The flowers were fresh flowers purchased at a local floral shop


The burlap table runners can be purchased here (all the burlap was used from this roll of burlap


The mason jars can be purchased here

Similar mason jar tags can be purchased here


Black Woodened 8×10 Frames can be purchased here

Gold-laced Plastic Plates can be purchased here

Gold Plastic Silverware Set can be purchased here


Golden apples were created with green apples from the grocery store and gold metallic spray paint, which can be purchased here

Gold Beaded Charger Plates can be purchased here


Needless to say, we had CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE everywhere! Cake-cake, cupcakes, cake pops! You name it! 1I told you, my sistahz DID NOT COME TO PLAY! And the flowers on top, oh yea, more fresh flowers! AMAZING!

I loved the look of these naked cakes. They were a great compliment to the Garden of Eden theme ( not because they were naked – get it? …… nevermind!) but more-so they tasted just as good as they looked!










Last but certainly not least, this fabulous gold-framed hooded balloon canopy chair, made for a queen, was rented from a local Maryland rental organization named White Glove Rentals

Similar chairs can be purchased here



Be sure to check out the video of the full baby shower below

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